Saturday, 26 February 2011

The top 10 Oscars books

The top 10 Oscars books

From red-carpet thrillers to insider accounts, the Guardian's film critic hands out his gongs to the best Oscars literature out there
    Ang Lee accepts the best director Oscar in 2006. But Brokeback Mountain lost best film to Crash
    Plots win prizes ... Ang Lee accepts the best director Oscar in 2006. But his Brokeback Mountain – based on Annie Proulx's short story – was pipped to best film. Photo: AP

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Fatboy festival may get | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Fatboy festival may get | 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ethelred Nursery School & Children's Centre: Holiday Club

Dance/Keep Fit classes With Katie Fitzpatrick Archbishop Sumner School 6.15 - 7.15 Mondays during term time £3 and £2 for concessions All welcome

Dance/Keep Fit classes
With Katie Fitzpatrick
Archbishop Sumner School
6.15 - 7.15 Mondays
during term time
£3 and £2 for concessions
All welcome

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Blue Elephant Theatre: Tom’s A real-life story of paralysis told through physical theatre & puppetry 22 February – 12 March

Please find attached press release regarding our new show, Tom's, which stars Alex Clarke who lives in Kennington.
Jasmine Cullingford, Artistic Director, Blue Elephant Theatre LtdRegistered Office: 59a Bethwin Rd, Camberwell, London, SE5 0XT
020 7701 0100

Follow @BETCamberwell
on Twitter 
Registered in England & Wales no: 3724349
Registered Charity no: 1077161
"Thinking big for a little venue"
Time Out
Tom's by Sketty Productions
A real-life story of paralysis told through puppetry and physical theatre. A tale of astounding determination, enduring love, hope... And laughter.
22 February - 12 March

Harriet, Alex (2).jpg

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lambeth's parks could be used for more concerts to gain revenue

Lambeth's parks could be used for more concerts to gain revenue

12:55pm Monday 14th February 2011
Parks and green spaces in Lambeth may be hosting more public events under plans to raise funds for council services.
Previously there have been limits on the number of events that could be held on Clapham and Streatham Commons and Brockwell and Kennington Parks.
The restrictions on the number of events were removed at a Cabinet meeting last year The council claimed an extra £1.25m a year could be raised.
Lambeth's cabinet member for culture, sport and the 2012 Games, Councillor Florence Nosegbe, said: "Lambeth has some of South London's best green spaces and they are a great resource for people who live and work here.
"Our parks already host a number of great events, from small community shows to larger events like the Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, and SW4 on Clapham Common.
"These types of events are always popular and help to attract visitors and money to the area and local economy.
"We won't be holding events every weekend by any stretch of the imagination and people will still be able to use their local park when there is an event being held. It is about finding the right balance.
"Around 600,000 people enjoy a range of events organised or facilitated by the council's events team within our parks and open spaces every year. I am keen to ensure that future decisions concerning further events in parks and open spaces take proper account of the need to protect, and where possible enhance those spaces."
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Expenses cheat MP Eric Illsley was mugged at knifepoint outside home on the eve before he was sent to prison

Expenses cheat MP Eric Illsley was mugged at knifepoint outside home on the eve before he was sent to prison

The £75,000 experiment | Life & Style

The £75,000 experiment | Life & Style

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Empty properties run up £35m bill | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Empty properties run up £35m bill | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Pay 2p or we’ll send in bailiffs | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Pay 2p or we’ll send in bailiffs | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Joy as ‘overbearing’ sdkyscraper rejected | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Joy as ‘overbearing’ sdkyscraper rejected | 2011

FoDL: Art thieves aren't just in it for the Monet... NB: CHANGE OF VENUE: NOW IN ST ANSELM'S AT KENNINGTON CROSS (just across from the Library)


Art thieves aren't just in it for the Monet... 
Monday 21 February
6.45 for 7.15pm
St Anselm's Church, Kennington Road, Kennington Cross 

Marion Leveridge and Antonia Kimbell of ArtBEAT describe a day in the life of a volunteer police officer and what it's like to come face to face with London's notorious art criminals. With other museum and gallery professionals they are trained to help the detectives of the Art and Antiques Unit at New Scotland Yard. 
Friends of Durning Library.
Light refreshments. 
Everyone welcome. 
No admission charge, but a £2 donation towards costs is invited

Monday, 14 February 2011

Wanted: Aerobics /exercise class tutor for Archbishop Sumner Primary School

If anyone knows of an aerobics /exercise class tutor for one class per week please contact Archbishop Sumner urgently on 020 7735 2781. (The class has been running for some time and the tutor is having to give up for personal reasons).

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kennington Flower Stall open on Valentine's Day

Reminder: Bazaar @ Sat 12 Mar 11:00 - 13:30

Vauxhall City Farm: Situation Vacant: Finance Assistant

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Give a bee for Valentines and help a Kennington charity

TV Documentary on mothers

I'm producing a (commissioned) documentary for Channel 4 on modern motherhood and I'm looking for compelling mothers to feature. It's about women who love being mums, and who deal with motherhood in their own unique way. If you could pass on the message below to anyone you think might be interested and who we'd all love to see on TV, please do!

Chloe Thomas

Channel 4 are looking for mums for a new documentary about motherhood!
We are looking for a broad range of mothers who love being mums and are passionate about their approach to bringing up children.
Are you a mum who works full time? Are you a stay-at-home mum who gets help from a nanny? Are you a career woman who is about to give up work for your first baby? How do you make sure your children reach their full potential?

What's your idea of a good mother ? (or even a bad one!) What are the things that no-one talks about - but everyone knows is true - about motherhood?

We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in taking part please contact Emily Dollman at or call her on 0207 502 5604.

Coversure Office Furniture free to good local cause or charity by this weekend


We have moved to 220 Kennington Park Road and have 4 tables and two chairs + 4 sets of BT Feature Line phones to give away to a good local cause or charity by this w/e (photos below).

Must be taken by Saturday 12th February latest.

Also, if possible, we'd like to take some photos and send to the local press ‘Local Insurance Broker gives back to the community'.

If any KA members would like them please contact me on 0800 093 9009 or pop into the office.

Thanks in advance


Rajan Amin Cert CII
General Insurance Brokers 'we do it all'
UK Broker Awards Finalist Badge July 2010
Finalist for two awards - Investment in People and Business Owner of the Year
Winner of Commercial Lines Branch of the Year 2010
T 0800 093 9009 (freephone)
F 0207 820 3888
M 07973 727 893
Office Hours 9:00 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday

You are invited to view Rajan Amin's photo album: Coversure Kennington Furniture 20.01.11 2011-01-20
Coversure Kennington Furniture 20.01.11 2011-01-20
20 Jan 2011
by Rajan Amin
If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following into your browser:
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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Friends mourn 'future star of the art world' killed when his bike collided with lorry | News

Friends mourn 'future star of the art world' killed when his bike collided with lorry | News

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Closure-threat libraries revealed | 2011

SOUTH LONDON PRESS TODAY | NEWS | Closure-threat libraries revealed | 2011

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Dear Neighbours
A new year and new challenges for the Kennington Association.  Looking back over 2010, we have a lot to be proud of.  Our Secret Santa fund provided Tesco vouchers to 100 local families to make their holiday a bit brighter.  And a new initiative, we call Grey Power, provided a Christmas Day lunch for some older people in our community who might otherwise have spent the day alone.  We also came to the rescue of the Tai Chi classes which unfortunately ran out of grants.  Funds for these programs were raised through Bazaars and the Annual Charity Auction that cleared nearly £2000.  For all of these activities we received very generous support from local businesses.  And, of course, all required a lot of work from our volunteers.  A heart-felt thanks to you all!  In the following News items you’ll find more about the work we’ve done along with, for members, our financial statement for the year ending at our AGM in October. 
As we start 2011, the KA wants to be even more successful in raising funds for local causes and also to try to streamline the work involved.  Of course, we can always use more volunteers.  I can’t stress enough that all the work of the KA – from running Bazaars to getting out this newsletter – is done by volunteers and we’d like to hear from you.  Right now, we especially need a Volunteer Coordinator for the Charity Auction (more below). But we also need volunteers to do one-off jobs like stuff envelopes for mailings or deliver our letters in the neighbourhood.  Please use the membership form to indicate how you’d like to get involved
Thanks to all for your continuing support.
Anna Tapsell
Annual Charity Auction
The KA Annual Charity Auction was held on 16 September at the City & Guilds of London Art School.  Once again, auctioneer Angus Aagaard entertained everyone with his patter and some truly beautiful pieces were auctioned from the very generous donations we received.  We also got very valuable vouchers supplied by local firms for meals or services that together cleared nearly £2000 for KA causes Secret Santa and Grey Power (see below).
Our thanks to all the local businesses who made this possible, especially Nash Govani, owner of the Belgrave Hotel, near the Oval, who underwrote the Auction for £500 and whose staff handled the registration on Auction night.
This year’s Auction was coordinated by Pauline Amphlett, a local artist, who gave a tremendous amount of time procuring and displaying the works.  She also took all the photos for the catalogue.  This was a truly mammoth task, and planning is already underway to split this job up so the burden is not so great.  Volunteers needed!!
In addition, several pieces of work by the students were auctioned to raise money for the school’s hardship fund that provides grants to students who suddenly find themselves short of money and might otherwise be forced to give up their studies.  We received a very grateful letter of thanks from Magnus von Wistinghausen, deputy director of the school, for handling the student works that brought them over £2000 for their bursary.  In turn, we thank Magnus for his help in putting on the Auction!  Next year’s Auction is already on the Calendar for Thursday, 22 September with a preview the night before.
November Bazaar
In spite of a rather dreary day, the November 2010 Bazaar raised over £400, which was used to help sponsor our local Tai Chi classes.  Once again, thanks to all our volunteers who collected donations and managed the stalls and the kitchen.  To make our Bazaars even more successful, we need more volunteers to help before, during and after the Bazaar.  We are looking especially for a few strong people to help collect and carry the more bulky items.  We also need a van and driver to help pick up items from homes.  We especially need help Friday evening.  The next Bazaar is scheduled for Saturday, 12 March, from 11am to 1.30pm at St. Anselm’s Church Hall at Kennington Cross.  Donations can be dropped off at the Hall on Friday evening between 6 and 8 pm and Saturday morning from 9 to10 am. 
How much money we make is directly tied to how much is donated and how many people turn up, so please come along and help us.  We hope to use the proceeds from the March Bazaar to fund Tai Chi classes, free to all our community!
Secret Santa
Thanks to donations plus money raised at the above functions, KA once again was able to provide £4000 in £40 supermarket vouchers to local families.  As before, distribution was coordinated by Charmaine Clarke, Outreach Worker at Ethelred Children’s Centre.  An Early Intervention Health Visitor, who was among those directly distributing the vouchers, wrote to let us know how pleased the recipients were.  “I distributed the vouchers to seven vulnerable families I visit (one of whom had recently delivered twins) and they were all really surprised, thrilled and grateful.” 
Grey Power
This year, KA launched a new initiative for older people we call Grey Power.  Our inaugural event was a Christmas Day dinner at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec.  Working with Kim Connell, Community Services Manager at Age UK Lambeth, local older people were identified who live alone and usually spend Christmas Day alone.  KA organised and paid for transportation provided by the Lambeth and Southwark Community Transport.  Kim wrote to us afterwards saying.  “Everyone had a really good day. One lady said ‘It was excellent from start to finish.’ The food was excellent and the staff at the restaurant made everyone feel special.  It was enjoyed by all who attended.  I know you must have all worked hard all year in your fund-raising efforts to have achieved all that you did for the families and older people in the Kennington area to celebrate Christmas.”
A special thanks to Cathy Preece who came up with the idea and did all the scheduling and coordination.  KA hopes to do more to reach older people who may be isolated in our midst.  If you have ideas of how we can identify and work with older people who would appreciate more involvement in our community, please volunteer to work with us.
Tai Chi
It’s good to be able to report that the free Tai Chi classes, which bring together so many people of different ages and backgrounds in our community, are continuing.  Unfortunately, it’s becoming ever more difficult to find funding for both the instructor and the venue.  We’re young and old, very athletic and less able-bodied and come from various economic and ethnic backgrounds – which we think is one of our greatest strengths.  However, the very diversity in class members means they don’t fit into the ever-narrowing profiles that many funding groups want to support.  As a result, the KA is stepping up to make sure these classes can meet while we continue to pursue new sources of funding.  Our thanks to Christine Eames-Jones for her tireless work on funding applications.  We will keep you posted on our success.  In the meantime, please feel free to join us on Thursdays 2 pm at the Kennington Park Community Centre and Saturdays at 11 am at the Oval Cricket Ground .  Beginners are always welcome. 
Friends of Lollard Street Adventure Playground
As we all know, local government cutbacks are coming and play programmes are likely targets – Lambeth Council has indicated already it may cut opening hours of adventure playgrounds and turn over responsibility to a Cooperative Development Trust.  In spite of this, the FOLSAP have received some good news.  Sarah Warman, head of Community Children’s Services at Lambeth has found some money from the BIG Lottery to provide funding to develop a new structure on the site.  She has told us the Council is funding the purchase of materials and will release staff resource to support further development at the site.  These should enable some improvements and development at the playground.  Once again, thanks to Chris Eames-Jones who has been dogged in pursuing this funding from the Council. 
This summer, KA sponsored 6 weekly classes of Karate for Kids, free to local children during the summer holidays.  These were held at the Playground, and made up an important part of some children’s holiday activities.  To volunteer to work with us to keep this important facility open, please email us at
The KA Planning Forum is continuing to monitor plans by Lambeth Council and the Mayor’s office for a number of huge residential high-rises along the river.  These blocks will increase our population density astronomically, but, unfortunately, the plans are being developed without providing for infrastructure of transport, schools and other amenities that are so essential!  The KA Planning Forum is busy studying proposals and voicing local concerns. 
The Kennington Association is made up entirely of volunteers, and we could use a special person to step forward right now.  We are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator for the Charity Auction.  This person works with the Auction Coordinator to schedule volunteers for specific tasks.  Newcomers can be assured they’ll have a lot of help and be part of a team, not working in isolation.  We have a list of volunteers and your job will be to learn how we put together the Charity Auction (we’ve done it half a dozen times already!) and schedule volunteers for the various tasks we’ve defined.  If you’d like to get to know more people in the community, this would be a good way to start!   You’ll be part of the KA Committee and asked to attend monthly committee meetings, important because it’s the only time we get together so we all know what’s going on.  Committee meetings are held the last Monday of each month near Kennington Cross.  (Of course, we realise that everyone has many commitments so can’t always be available.) But we’re a group who enjoy ourselves, too, and have regular lunches and social outings as well as committee meetings!   To learn more or to volunteer, please send an email to
Big thanks to all our volunteers, anonymous donors and the following organisations for all their help and support:

·         Abel & Cole 
·         Amici Restaurant
·         Beefeater Gin Distillery
·         BodyStyles
·         D K Darlington
·         Exstatic Hair Design
·         Heart of Kennington Residents Association
·         His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Duke of Cornwall
·         Kate Hoey MP
·         Kennington Tandoori
·         KOV Forum
·         Majestic - Vauxhall
·         Mango Digital
·         Oval House Theatre
·         P J Frankland Butchers
·         Pop-In Hair and Beauty
·         Ragged Canteen
·         Red Madder
·         Rolfe Judd Ltd
·         Sarah Waters
·         South London Pacific
·         Spring Gardens CafĂ©
·         The Dog House PH
·         The Kennington Bookshop
·         The London Eye
·         The Pilgrim PH
·         White Bear Theatre Club
·         Windmill Fish Bar

12 March 11am – 1.30 pm     KA Bazaar St Anselm’s Church Hall Kennington Cross
22 September                             Annual Charity Auction City & Guilds of London Art School

Bazaar : Saturday 12th March St Anselm's Church Hall 11am to 1.30pm

Sunday, 6 February 2011

FOLSAP - cuts to Adventure Playgrounds

Dear All,
As you may have heard, the council is proposing to cut the budget for Adventure Playgrounds by £700K by reducing opening hours to Saturdays and school holidays only and hand control of the service to a Co-operative Development trust.
At our last FOLSAP meeting we agreed to do two things:
  1. Lobby the Council on Monday 7th Feb at the Town Hall at 6.30pm
  2. Discuss an alternative plan for maintaining the playground in Lollard Street at our next meeting - 2.00 pm Tues 22nd Feb.
Please make every effort to get to the lobby
and do come along to the next meeting.

Kind regards,
Christine Eames-Jones
Deputy Chair KA

Thursday, 3 February 2011



Libraries all over the country are under threat
as a result of the
government's expenditure cuts. 
This includes The Durning, your local library!

If you want to show your support for the Durning,
please join the
Durning Friends outside the library,
167 Kennington Lane SE11 4HF
and sign the petition to save Lambeth's libraries
on Saturday 5 February between 11.00 and 4.00.

You can also sign outside Brixton library on the same day.

All Lambeth's libraries are at risk and 

we need as much support as we can get.

Priscilla Baines
Friends of the Durning Library