Friday, 19 March 2010

Noise Abatement Society: Emergency Vehicle Sirens

Below is a statement from the Society about emergency service sirens which I hope will be of some use to support the Kennington Association.
'The Noise Abatement Society believes that the present sirens used to signal the approach of an emergency service vehicle, are not fit for purpose.
They are unsafe because they cause people to freeze during precious moments whilst trying to locate the source of the sound.Their piercing tone is excessively loud, an unnecessary noise pollution which can be heard up to a half a mile away from the source of danger. The cumulative effect is to engender a feeling of negativity and fear in residents, making them think they live in a crime ridden area, which may not necessarily be the case.
In the absence of a standard for existing warning devices, the NAS is working with the British Standards Institute to develop an international standard through the International Standards Organisation (the ISO) to develop a standard for emergency service sirens that will be instantly locatable and, therefore, safer. Broad band technology is one answer because it is directional in nature making the person in danger  turn immediately towards the source of the sound. Broad band does not dissipate to the side, so nearby residents will not be disturbed.' 
I would be grateful if you could let me have a copy of any press coverage that the Association receives on this matter.
Kind regards,
Gloria Elliott
Chief Executive Noise Abatement Society
Suite 2, 26, Brunswick Terrace,
Tel: 01273 823850
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Ronnie said...

I'm with the Noise Abatement Society on this. Apart from constantly drip-feeding us with anxiety and alarm, these sirens disturb sleep patterns. They might directly or indirectly be creating as many accidents as they are actually rushing to deal with.