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Kennington Lane schools

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I am hoping that you may be able to help me or direct me to the correct persons/site. Someone in one of my groups on Facebook has asked if anyone knows any details of the old school that was located where the new Tesco's store is now situated. We are not talking about The Licensed Victuallers School. I can now supply you with a map from 1893-6 which shows both the schools along Kennington Lane. It is the school on the left in the map that this query is about.

Thanking you in advance for your time and help in this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Peter Brayne


I have since found out that the school in question was the Upper Kennington Lane Board School which was damaged by bombing in WW2. A lot of posts about this school query can be found on the Bring back the Lambeth Walk group on Facebook i.e.

Peter Brayne

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I am the son-in-law of Tom Woodham, the 93 year old who used to go to the 'mystery school' that I am searching for. I am researching his younger days to try and jog his memory which is fading fast. I contacted Tesco (Gemma in the Property Acquisition Dept)to see if they have records of the land they acquired that refer back to when it was a school. That so little appears on the Internet is making the search quite difficult. I have recently found an aerial photo that shows it did exist!
My father-in-law was born in 1920 in Shepherds Place shown on old maps of the area. I have a photo of him aged 2 together with other urchins lined up in Shepherds Place. The street itself was bombed out in the blitz and the family evacuated. It was then renamed Harolds Place and then demolished to become the Tesco car park. Aged 11 to 14 he went to secondary school in Kennington Road (opposite Montford Place/Kennington Green. It is another Victorian edifice designed by T.J. Bailey and now converted to bespoke apartments. Not long after its opening Charlie Chaplin attended for a short while.
A great source of old maps is which where I found out how the Kennington area has transformed through the ages.

If anyone has more info about the mystery school now under the Tesco Superstore then please let me know.
Many thanks: Brian Plowman

Peter Brayne said...

Have just received this email reply.Quote"Thank you for your e-mail. I believe the records for Upper Kennington Lane Board School are at the London Metropolitan Archives.

While we do not have records deposited by the school, there area few items/files about the school in our other collections.

There is a school photo dated 1882 (IV91) from a private depositor and in the council's collections, a set of deeds relating to the acquisition of land relating the school's site 1786-1988(ref. LBL/DALS/8/11).

As well as these records you may find the school mentioned in council minutes and in the drainage applications, some of these applications include floor plans of buildings

We have the Lambeth Civil Defence bomb incident reports which are indexed by street, as well as the London County Council bomb incident maps.. In addition, our local studies library include street directories, maps and publications including "What to do when the air raid siren sounds: life in Lambeth during World War II" and "Nor the years condemn: the air raids on the Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth" - which records fatal casualities and is indexed by street and person's name. Some civil defence bomb damage photos can be viewed for free on our digital images repository which you can access for free on our website Lambeth Landmark, please see the url below.

You are welcome to visit our reading room to take a look at these sources, please see the weblink below for our opening hours and directions.

There has been rather a lot of interest in the history of the site, is there something special planned?


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