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State of Kennington Lane, Kennington Road

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Date: 27 May 2015 16:30:56 BST
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Subject: State of Kennington Lane, Kennington Road

Dear All,

I went on a walk about in Kennington Lane/Road and the surrounding roads with residents (John Dyer also attended).  The following issues were noted as needed attention
·         Flats above shops and commercial waste - Kennington Road/Lane, although busy is not designated as a timed collection zone.  This means that through out the day bags of residential and commercial waste is left on the streets at all times of the day leading to a neglectful and dirty looking streets.  I am advised that residents are told that they can only put their waste out on specified collection days much like ordinary street properties, but this clearly does not happen.  What about businesses? Are they allowed to put their waste out all times of the day until their waste contractor collects them?What can be done to encourage residents and businesses to leave waste out specific days?  Can we write letters to them reminding them of their collection days and have signs on lamp posts specifying the day and time waste can be left on the street and failure to comply is dumping and subject to a fine? – Keith/Kevin your comments are required
·         Sweeping Rota - The actual times the roads are swept does not seem to coincide with the cleaning rota.  According to the rota Kennington Lane, Road and Park Road is meant to be manually swept, dumped waste collected and litter picked on a daily basis.  In addition Kennington Park Road and Kennington road is cleaned with a small mechanical broom on a daily basis with Kennington Lane cleaned with a SMB once a month (on a Monday).  Can you tell me if the cleaning rota is correct as residents are adamant that the roads do not get swept or litter picked or dumped waste collected once a day and having attended the area I would attest to that.  I have spoken to Michael Clark on this.  He has agreed to look into why their seems to be a disconnect between what the rota states and what is happening on the ground.
·         Residents Awareness Raising – Can we start a local campaign to raise awareness of collection dates, duties to dispose of waste responsibly and fines.  Gill I only saw one do the right thing poster relating to litter and that was in Kennington Lane.  Can we have more posters and smaller ones that residents and shop keepers can display in appropriate places.  The area needs more no dumping signs. Please write to residents of Liwood House Kennington Road (rubbish bags always piled up outside building), Tire Street, Carogan Street and Windmill Road informing them of the rubbish collection day, duty to recycling and not to dump rubbish.
·         Tire Street – What a mess. Piles of black bags.  Can you investigate where this is coming from.  Apparently it is not a one off.
·         359 Kennington Lane – We saw a pile of recycle and black bags filled with commercial waste and identified the owner of  this address as the culprit.  We visited the address and spoke to a woman named Irene who admitted that the waste belonged to the business and they had left it for Lambeth to pick up even though Biffa is their waste collector.  We explained this was dumping and asked them to remove the waste which they did.  Jamie can you follow this up please.  I would like you to visit the address and investigate what measures are in place for commercial waste collection.  We saw no Biffa bins at the back of the property. Can you still prosecute?  John dyer will provide more information.
·         Schools – I will be visiting the local schools to speak to pupils about littering and ask for their help to keep streets clean.
·         Councillors- Can you follow this email up to ensure that the actions are followed through and residents are satisfied with the results - Thanks

These are some of the issues to be addressed.  There were many more but I thought we should concentrate on these first.  Big thank you Cathy, Gareth, Stephane and Houman for taking the time to meet me and show me around various parts of Kennington.  Special thanks to John Dyer for stepping in at the last minute.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes but had to write this quickly.

Cllr. Jennifer Brathwaite
Ward Councillor for Gipsy Hill
Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability
Mobile: 07805943813

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