Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bazaar: Saturday 6th March at St Anselm’s Church Hall from 11am to 1 pm

men needed for march BAZAAR!
The KA Bazaar is one of our main sources of funding.  We have a grand team (some in their eighties and nineties) and the work is great fun, but very physical and done to a tight schedule.  We urgently need male volunteers starting at 6pm on Friday night to set up tables and shift bulky items.  We also need strong bodies to dismantle stalls on Saturday afternoon.  The November Bazaar took in £750 (50% up on May), raising £560 for our funds.  Special thanks to Pimlico Plumbers who provided a van to transport goods. The next Bazaar is on Saturday, 6th March at St Anselm’s Church Hall from 11am to 1 pm.   This is a good chance to re-cycle some unexpected Xmas gifts – who needs twenty pairs of socks?   Please bring saleable items to the hall from 6pm to 8pm on the evening before or from 9am to 10am on Bazaar day.  If you need help collecting goods, please email kenningtonassociation@gmail.com.


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