Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Cultural trip to Ethiopia - January 2018

Dear Companions
At my suggestion, Mike Gebre Yohannes has offered to put together a cultural package vacation to Ethiopia.
As many of you will know, Mike spearheads many of the Ethiopian cultural events here in London including, of course, the Coptic Millennium celebration in Kennington Park.

Mike suggests that January would be the best time to go, especially as we could include the Timkat Celebration in Lalibela. He has connections that would enable us to get discounts on flights with Ethiopian Airlines, hotels, etc.
At this stage, we'd like to hear from anyone interested and ideas about what you would like to see/do during, say, a fortnight spent there.  I have spoken to a few folk already who say they'd want:
* single rooms in hotels;
* not a complete rush but with time to relax and enjoy;
* ability to bring friends / family too
* volcanoes ... 

Based on this feedback Mike could put together a draft itinerary with some costings depending on the number of us travelling.  He would then need to have a commitment with deposits by around October.
Do please be in touch if you'd like to receive further information as it becomes available.
Many thanks
Best wishes

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