Friday, 18 March 2016

Moped muggings in the Kennington area - TAKE CARE!

Moped muggings in the area. 
Be aware and tell everyone. 
Don't let your mobile phones distract you

Several incidents at Kennington Cross and at the Oval

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Rhianna Thompson said...

Unfortunately, this happened to me yesterday. I was cycling down Foxley Road in Oval and I was being stalked by a moped with two thugs on it. They followed me and cornered me before grabbing my bag out of my basket and throwing me off my bike. They were absolutely ruthless and even had the nerve to say "hello love" as they approached the side of me to snatch my belongings. Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet as I hit the road head first. The police aren't allowed to chase mopeds so it is difficult to catch these idiots.