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KOV Forum 6.30 for 7.00 pm, 27 January 2009

You are warmly invited to the next Kennington Oval and Vauxhall Forum meeting at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm on 27 January in the Long Room, Oval Conference Centre, Brit Oval Cricket Ground. The entrance is Hobbs Gate, closest to Oval tube station. A flyer and minutes of October's meeting are attached. Refreshments will be available at 6.30.

On behalf of Maureen Johnston, Chair of the Forum, I take this opportunity to draw your attention to the Help a London Park initiative, which is making ten grants from the Mayor of London of up to £400k available. Both Kennington Park and Spring Gardens are competing with forty seven other London parks. The ten parks with the most votes will win the grant. Voting closes at 5.00 pm on 30 January and everyone has one vote. You can vote on-line or request a postal vote form by calling 020 7983 4100.

We look forward to seeing you on 27th.

Best wishes

Frances Forrest
Freelance KOV Support Worker

27th January 2009

Kennington Oval & Vauxhall Forum

THE LONG ROOM, Oval Conference Centre

The Brit Oval Cricket Ground SE11 5SS

(Enter from Hobbs Gate, Oval Tube station end)

Doors open for displays at 6.30pm.

Meeting starts 7pm.

Refreshments available


Agenda Items include updates on

Spring Gardens Framework Meeting- Derrick Prentice

Oval Public Realm

Licensing issues

Sports and other activities at Lilian Baylis (former school site), Lollard St

The Beaufoy Institute -

Families Affected by Addiction (FABA)

For further information contact:



20th October 2008

Redfearn Centre, London SE11 5QY

Present: Mary Acland Hood, T Boxall, Jackie Christie, Marilyn Evers, Jill Gregson, A Kennedy, P V D Hurn, Tim Saunders, M Harrison, Valerie Shawcross, T Forbes, Cllr A Sawdon, J Jeffers, David Tinney, Eamonn McMahon, Frank Manning, John Maltby, Alison Packer, John Midgley, Vanessa Brand, Jennifer Lanier, Martin Griffith, D Golding, W Law, Stephen Scott, Clive Fraser, Derrick Prentice, Maureen Johnston (in theChair), Paul Cooper, Kevin Day, Cllr Rob Banks, Gerry Evans, Colm Lacey

Apologies: Because of the clash with several other meetings, there were a large number of apologies, among which were Ian Adams, Priscilla Baines, Chris Cossey, Gordon Johnston, Betty Severn Veronica Ledwith and Cllr S Morgan. The full list was too long to read out.

1 The Chair welcomed the members and officers from Lambeth. It was especially good to have Clive Fraser and his team regarding the Vauxhall SPD Consultation.

2 The Minutes of the previous forum held on 10th June AGM were agreed.

3 Matters arising were covered by the agenda items

4 KOV Future Development. The Chair introduced Gerry Evans who had been appointed by Lambeth to help the various Fora towards independence. The post was currently funded until the end of March but there was hope the contract might be extended. She had set up a Forum network and two meeting had already been held. The network would enable the Fora to share experiences and present a united front to Lambeth on some issues. The Chair also reported that the KOV Forum had presented a budget to Lambeth and initial funding had been received. This would enable the Forum to run for the next six months and among other activities be able to initiate the search for freelance paid assistance and the setting up of a website. The Chair requested members to clearly mark their e-mail address on the signing-in form. It was intended to send out papers via e-mail as far as possible in future.

5 Health & Safety Speaker on Dangerous Dogs Because of several bad experiences locally in regard to dangerous dogs, Lambeth were invited to send the Dog Warden to speak. In fact there no longer is a dog warden. However, Kevin Day and Paul Trouper,the Animal Welfare Officer answered questions posed by members. Alison Packer reported on three incidents. In answer to her questions, it appeared that the responsibility for dealing with the problems falls between the Council and the Police. The Council can investigate if called to an incident but then have to pass it on to the police. The Police then have to establish whether a dog is “Dangerous” as listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act. It appears there is no redress for dog attacks on dogs. It is apparent that the misuse of dogs is rising all over London, Val Shawcross promised to take the concerns to Boris Johnson. KOV members present would like to see rules introduced requiring all dogs to be chipped. The Animal Welfare Officer has already carried out free chipping on some estates.

6 Future Kennington Unfortunately, Debbie Hunter was not able to be present. Since agreeing to come and talk she had been called to a meeting of stakeholders in Lilian Baylis which had been called for the same evening. Colm Lacey, repeated that discussions were under way and that after the stakeholder meeting there would be more to report.

7 Spring Gardens Development Framework Derrick Prentice gave a brief update on the Spring Gardens Development Framework. Although things had been quiet for a time things were moving ahead. It was particularly pleasing that Derrick formed part of the team with Clive Fraser who were conducting a workshop at the Forum regarding the Vauxhall SPD.

8 Vauxhall SPD Consultation – Clive Fraser introduced the SPD consultation. The members were divided into four groups each working on the suggested four quarters of Vauxhall. This was a trial run of the consultation with Clive. He invited other groups to request a presentation if they wished to ensure it got as wide a public as possible. Members were then asked to vote on the three options offered. A mailout of the leaflet listing the options and asking the public to vote and comment would go to every household in the Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall area.

9 Any other business

12,000 Grant for Kennington. The Chair drew attention to this funding opportunity.

Oval Public Realm Report was available

Kennington Parking Sub-zone – review had been requested

Licensing. The Chair reported that at South Bank Forum meeting the problems associated with all night shop licences and antisocial behaviour had been discussed. It was agreed this should be on the agenda of the next meeting.

Date of next meeting 27th January, 2009, 9th April, 9th June

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